RteranishiRobert Teranishi, Ph.D.


Moore Hall 1041C
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521
(310) 825-5380

Dr. Robert Teranishi is a Professor of Social Science and Comparative Education, the Morgan and Helen Chu Endowed Chair in Asian American Studies, and co-director for the Institute for Immigration, Globalization and Education at UCLA. His research is broadly focused on race, ethnicity, and the stratification of college opportunity. His work has been influential to federal, state, and institution policy related to college access and affordability. He has provided congressional testimony regarding the Higher Education Reauthorization Act and No Child Left Behind, informed state policy decisions related to selective college admissions, and his research has been solicited to inform U.S. Supreme Court decisions on affirmative action and school desegregation. Prior to his appointment at UCLA, he served as a professor at New York University and the University of Pennsylvania. Recently, President Obama appointed Dr. Teranishi as a member on the Board of Directors of the National Board for Education Services.

UCLA Faculty Profile


  • Professor of Education
  • Morgan and Helen Chu Endowed Chair in Asian American Studies
  • Co-Director, Institute for Immigration, Globalization, and Education


  • Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, Higher Education and Organizational Change
  • M.A. University of California, Los Angeles, Education
  • B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz, Sociology

Awards, Honors, Fellowships

  • 2012: Daniel E. Griffiths Research Award
  • 2011: Appointed by Secretary of Education to the Equity and Excellence Commission
  • 2010: Top “Up-and-Coming” Leader, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
  • 2010: NYU Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award
  • 2006: NYU Departmental Research Award
  • 2005: NYU Departmental Publication Award
  • 2005: NYU Faculty Star Award Honorable Mention
  • 2004: NYU Departmental Research and Scholarship Award
  • 2002: NIMH Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 2001: Spencer Foundation Research Training Grant

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Higher education and social mobility
  • Race, ethnicity, and the stratification of college opportunities
  • College access and completion

Select Publications

  • Teranishi, R. T., & Nguyen, T, K. (2012). Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and the changing demography of the United States: Implications for education policy. Harvard Kennedy School Asian American Policy Review, 22.
  • Teranishi, R. T. (2012). Asian American and Pacific Islander students and the institutions that serve them. Change Magazine.
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