April 2, 2015
Earlier this year, President Barack Obama unveiled the “America’s College Promise” proposal that offers two years of community college education free for anyone willing to work for it.  More recently, he announced a new “Student Aid Bill of Rights” that would ensure all students have access to high-quality and affordable educations.

A number of undocumented students, as well as parents and policymakers, are asking for more access to affordable and high-quality education.  Obama’s proposals have made it clear that education is important for everyone in the country, including undocumented immigrants.

“We don’t expect anybody to be bound by the circumstances of their birth,” President Obama said in his speech outlining the plan. “And the way we deliver on that is making sure that our education system works on behalf of every person who lives here.”

Since then, the Center for American Progress has announced their College For All proposal, focusing more on making a college education attainable for all, not just through community colleges, but also by using public two- or four-year universities.  The plan would allow all students to attend these schools without having to pay upfront for tuition and fees.  The plan would also offer families an early guarantee of aid in addition to allowing them to repay loans through payroll withholding.  More generous aid and repayment options would also be offered.

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